Powered-up version of OmegaT CAT Tool


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If a good application is open source code, this can happen. Smoe new developers decide to spice it up and create a new application with all that good of the previous programs and new features that make it exciting.

OmegaT+ is on of those cases. OmegaT is a good CAT Tool, but OmegaT+ takes that good application to a further step and oofers the user a very good application with a lot of more options and better performance.

OmegaT+ interface is divided into panel, so we will have on screen the original and the meta text, glossaries, search tools, online dictionaries and even statistics.

OmegaT+ can import and export translation memories, so you can use the ones you created wusing other programs.

If you need a Computer Assisted Translation tool, OmegaT+ is probably the best free choice out there.
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